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 I REALLY wanted my Homura cosplay to be accurate

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PostSubject: I REALLY wanted my Homura cosplay to be accurate   Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:32 pm

People have asked how I made my Akemi Homura cosplay, so here it is. Im sorry it took me to long, but Ive finally gathered the energy to write up a Homura cosplay tutorial for everyone.
Homuras costume was the second costume I made after Yuna, and more difficult by far in terms of fit. Because her costume looks quite simple, I needed to make the lines extremely cleanno room for mistakes really. I gave it my all! *fist pump* I invested in a serger to improve the durability of her costume tooreally didnt want any seams ripping on such a tight outfit after pigging out in the privacy of our hotel room.
Serging is so fun, by the way. thumbs up Its definitely worth it to invest in one if you want your costumes to last through the wash.

First up, Homuras skirt!
1. I hand-dyed white fabric to a lavender gray shade. Then I cut out a rectangular strip of fabric 3 yards long and serged the hem.
2. Pleated the skirt and added the zipper.
3. Pinned and sewed on a waistband.
4. Added ruffles to the bottom.

I think the defining point of her outfit is her form fitting blazer with the weird collar/hem. I learned quite a bit doing this piece.
1. I sketched out a rough pattern based a blazer I had that fit me well already.
2. Once I had a shape that almost fit my body, I made some sleeves and sewed them into the arm holes. Haha, Im positive my sleeve making method is wrong, so I wont really go into it.
3. A rough outline of Homuras blazer.
4. Time to tackle her collar! Again, I pinned and roughly shaped everything on my dress form.
5. Sewed on the collar after I was happy with the general shape of it. Its not shown here, but I also cut out the triangular flaps in her hem after this.
6. Then I lined everything with bias tape, including her sleeves. The diamonds are also made from bias tape.

Dont forget Homuras undershirtwith another weird collar. O_o Madoka and Homura both have such oddly shaped pieces, Kitty and I died trying to recreate them. I do not envy making her mushroom skirt with a billion yards of lace, lol.
1. I thrifted a $3 shirt from Goodwill, probably made for a lady sized M/L? Carefully took in the sides and the sleeves.
2. The shirt did not close at the top so I marked where I wanted the buttons and buttonholes to be.
3. I pinned and roughly cut fabric for her collar on my dress form.
4. And some for the back of her collar.
5. My entire collar after I put it together. Its strange right? Sewed it onto the neckline of my shirt after ripping out the old collar.
6. Took some left over skirt material and added the cuffs. Easy!
7. Yay, the collar is sewn on! All I had to do was carefully line it with white bias tape.
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I REALLY wanted my Homura cosplay to be accurate
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